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I love Chartres very much.

I love it so much that I can show you hidden corners that even the indigenous people do not know about. You will learn historical facts not from the Internet, but from the archives.


Chartres Cathedral will be more than just a masterpiece of architecture for you. He will speak the same language with you. You will learn to "read" messages from the Middle Ages.


You will not be a passive listener and contemplator. You will build versions, solve riddles, experience, be surprised, admire - and leave in love with Chartres. 

Want to?  


Then scroll down the page and watch my tours of Chartres! 


The cost of one hour of the tour is 80 euros for a group of up to 9 people.

At night, the cost is 100 euros per hour per group. 




"If you know anyone,  who is "sick" with Chartres more than Victoria, be sure to introduce me to him! Because I don't know such a person! So like this: with a gleam in his eyes, enthusiastically , colorfully and meticulously be able to tell historically about the city that became your home not by the place of birth, but by a combination of happy circumstances.Victoria is in love with Chartres and the city reciprocates and happy unions are always ready to share their warmth with the whole world. Contact Vika, don't miss the opportunity!"


Feedback from tourist M. Ivanova, November 2012

Sightseeing tour of Chartres

Duration  2 - 3.5 hours 

Pilgrimage to the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God

Duration  1 - 1.5 hours 

Chartres Cathedral

Duration 1 - 2 hours

Chartres in Light: Night Show

Duration  negotiable 

Underground stories: the crypt of Chartres Cathedral

Duration 1 hour

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