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I am Victoria licensed  tour guide in Chartres and Chartres Cathedral


I like to show Chartres to those who love non-standard, who are ready to look details and ask questions. Those  who, after the tour, want to be head and shoulders above themselves. 

I help you get to know France outside Paris

  • If you are cramped in crowds of tourists, let's go along the quiet paths of Chartres 

  • If you feel stuffy in the museum queues, I will take your hand and we will go down to the underground crypt of Chartres Cathedral 

  • If guidebooks are boring, I will tell you so vividly and emotionally that even a child will understand and feel  

What will you get?  

  • Start to understand medieval stained glass (I have developed the keys to understanding them) 

  • Decipher the mysteries of Chartres Cathedral and the city

  • Understand some features of the old architecture 

  •  Find what guide users don't see

  • Expose the sellers of oversized cranberries and overblown Chartres scoops

  • Find out which restaurants are chosen by local gourmets and which should be avoided

  • Choose a hotel based on your requests (in words, they are all impeccable, right?)


You will not just listen to stories - you will become more erudite, more attentive to details and yes, head and shoulders above yourself yesterday.  

Intimacy Where without him?

I was born in 1976 in the city of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), and since 2009 I have been living in the French city of Chartres. Professionally  I maneuver between excursions, conferences, writing articles and raising three children. 


Russian roots


Restless and curious, I received two higher pedagogical educations, because I love to communicate, I want and know how to share discoveries . storytelling into intrigue, adventure or even a game.

Graduated  Faculty of Foreign Languages and  taught English for several years at the Institute of International Relations. In 2005 won second place in the Student Teacher of the Year competition. With these guys, neither falsehood nor hack work goes away. But sincerity and professionalism are rewarded in full.


Raisins (my secret!)


Since my teens, I have sung in the church choir, which helps me communicate in the same language not only with secular tourists, but also with pilgrims.


On the French side: a love story 


I never thought that I would live in France. But the French husband invited me to Chartres - and I was gone! I got lost in the paths of the parks, was stunned by the silence and calmness and was shocked by the Chartres Cathedral.

I started with funny and naive free tours - for friends and pilgrims. I read dubious sources on the Internet, got lost in winding streets and fed guests with pilaf. Now I blush, remembering what "beautiful nonsense I was talking about", but I came to my senses in time and   went to learn from experts. Today I am the official guide of the Chartres Cathedral for Russian and English speaking tourists and a private guide for Chartres.

I get great pleasure from communicating with you, my tourists: from burning eyes, daring ideas and happy smiles.  I am in perpetual motion, in creativity, in continuous cognition. I show you Chartres sincerely and with love.


Come and see for yourself!


PS   A professional photographer, of course, flattered me, but when you meet you will recognize me by my "signature smile" :) 


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