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Dear friends! Thank you for taking the time to review your stay in Chartres! Feedback is very important to me!  






"This was already our second visit to Chartres.

Victoria is an amazing guide! Very sincere, very passionate, very attentive to details! She does not just share her knowledge with you, but tries to make sure that these facts remain in your head. It's great when the tour doesn't become even useful, but still a lecture on the history of art, but turns into a real interactive journey! We did just that, twice. And the bonus was the night laser show on the walls of the Cathedral and other city buildings, which we would not even have known about if not for Victoria!

Don't underestimate Chartres! Half a day for him is negligible!"


Ivanova Musya (a group of tourists from Yekaterinburg), May 2013.



“Chartres is wonderful. Silence, cozy camping and the eyes of a good friend. Vika showed her city in the contrast of day and night. She wandered with us until half past one from one light installation to another, changing the day facades of historical monuments beyond recognition. This is the volume of the starry sky, and the smells of night flowers and your own inner merging with what is happening ... We are very grateful for the acquaintance with Chartres. We look forward to seeing you in May 2015"


Lipatova Elena (family with a child, 3 people), July 2014.



"It turned out to be a magical walk. We remember Chartres as a fabulous city full of mysteries, stories, destinies, discoveries. Vika makes us fall in love with its facades-streets-beams-stairs-gardens and, of course, the Cathedral. Delight!

A very successful route around the city, I suspect it will differ for different needs. We didn't feel at all like following a tour guide from place to place - it was a quest where around every corner there is an amazing story that we are involved in.

Where is the whole legend behind each figure on the portal of the Cathedral...

Thank you Victoria!"


Stepanova Maria (family with two children), October 2014.



"I came to Chartres for one day by train from Paris. I spent the whole day with Victoria, first there was a tour of the cathedral, then around the city. Chartres is an amazing city, worth spending the whole day there. Victoria is a great guide, excellent knowledge of history France, the history of art and religion are combined in her with exceptional attentiveness and benevolence. Her story captivates and captures so much that you forget about time and fatigue. Victoria is in love with her city and passes this love on to you. I highly recommend that Russian-speaking tourists learn and fall in love with Chartres with Victoria"


Pokrovskaya Tatiana (solo traveller), March 2015. 



"For a long time we will remember one of the most beautiful cities in France - Chartres, and Victoria - the person who gave us this city. An amazing guide, led the tour in the form of a dialogue. It was very interesting to solve the riddles that Victoria offered during the tour. A 12-year-old child was in delighted, he had to solve historical riddles himself.This unusual quiz gave much more than a simple dry statement of facts.

It is a pity that Chartres is undeservedly deprived of the attention of Russian tourists, I am sure that this is one of the most interesting cities in France.

Great guide in a great city."


Kosterina Julia (family with a child, 2 people), June 2015.



"This is more than an excursion, and Vika is not only a guide. She is in love with her city, and infects with this love. We were on three excursions with Victoria: day, night and in the cathedral. And then we walked ourselves. And still not That's enough! It's impossible to repeat the route through the labyrinth of streets, terraces, churches, bridges that Victoria led us through on our own or by accident. there were, about which you already know. But the first acquaintance with the city, which made him native, was Vika. "


Bartosh Inna (married couple, 2 people), June 2015.



"Victoria arrived on time, was very well prepared, and looked very professional. In my opinion, these details are very important, as the subject of conversation is beauty and spirituality. Thanks to Victoria, the city and the cathedral came to life for us.

Thank you very much Vika!

We will remember our journey for a long time."


Melnik Larisa (group of friends, 3 people), July 2015. 



"Wonderful tours, wonderful guide, charming city. Thank you Victoria for your creativity! I would like to wish you even wider coverage of history and success!



Igor Bernovsky (family with a child, 3 people), October 2015. 



"Once again, many thanks for the tour - I left, as expected, with a feeling of slight hunger! The tour is interesting. Despite the depth and huge amount of information, there was not a single minute for boredom or fatigue._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Victoria's story is emotional, the speech is light, it was real music - a song about Chartres.I am very pleased and I saw the faces of the others - they were inspired and enthusiastic!"


Pryadko Nadezhda (group tour), October 2015. 



"The tour was amazing. I will remember it with warmth for a long time. Victoria, when she told me, was all glowing with light. I say this in all seriousness, thanks again for the professionalism and the knowledge that you share with us ..."


Parro Natalia (group tour), October 2015. 



"Thank you very much for the tour, because Victoria, with her knowledge and such love for work, for history, for people, simply enriched our inner world and our view of Chartres. This church of St. Andrew, suffering for centuries! It's sad! You were so able to convey this pain for him, that neither from the head nor from the heart comes out!

There was a feeling on the tour, as if we were in a time machine. Everything could be easily imagined and transported back to those "strange" eras for us, despite the intertwining of destinies and events. I still remember everything. Mercy!"


Sidasheva Valentina (group tour), October 2015. 



"Many thanks to Victoria for the sightseeing tour of Chartres. With her deep knowledge and love for every corner of this city, she managed to inspire everyone. Vika's lively manner of the story did not let us get bored, like "listeners at a lecture", so the time flew by. Correctly they write that half a day on Chartres is not enough, I want to wander more, and always with Vika.


Arnal Svetlana (group tour), October 2015.



"We, the association of Russian-speaking residents of the department of Eure-et-Loire, took part in a charity tour of Chartres from Victoria. Thanks to her, we were able to look at this wonderful city in a slightly new way. Fascinating stories, interesting historical facts and, of course, secrets! an erudite, emotional and loving guide like her can take us through time, make us want to know more about him and fall in love with Chartres forever! It is especially noteworthy that Vika is the only Russian-speaking guide in Chartres. We are very lucky. Thank you!"


Vasina Marina (group of friends over 7 people), October 2015. 



"Victoria accompanied us in Chartres. Friendly, deeply knowing and loving everything that she told us with great pleasure, she managed in a very short time not only to tell us a huge amount of information, but also to wake our own thought. She asked questions all the time during the story, helping us to understand the meaning of the wonderful Romanesque sculptures and unique stained-glass windows, to help us “read” them correctly.”


Deacon Alexander Vasiliev (a group of 8 pilgrims), November 2015. 

(original review with photos can be read  here )



“With Victoria, the tour of Chartres really became a tour of the medieval city. Yes, everything breathes history, but you have to catch this breath.

The cathedral is a separate journey. After Vika's story, you will see not walls, but a living pulsating organism that keeps the secrets of knowledge, rituals, spiritual quests and the lives of ordinary people.

Thanks for the adventure!"


Novik Elena (married couple 2 people), November 2015. 


"The tour is very interesting and correct. I would say it was sincere. I was pleasantly surprised when Victoria asked ahead of time about my interests and hobbies. That is, she prepares for the tour in advance, tunes in to a specific person, which is a sign of high professionalism. There is an excellent command of Victoria material, due to which she managed to interest and intrigue me. As a person from science, I can say that this was an excellent high-level interactive introductory lecture on the topic of Chartres Cathedral and not only. I can safely recommend this tour to other people."


Utkin Anatoly (solo traveller), March 2016.

“France is not Paris. France is, first of all, a province. Victoria convincingly demonstrated this to me. The first impression is, of course, the Cathedral, which spoke to me with Vika’s light hand. Yes, he revealed many of his secrets , which I otherwise would definitely have passed by. Further - the city itself, as a result of which the irreparable happened :))) I fell in love with these narrow streets, simply breathing history. Victoria does not just conduct a tour, she builds it individually for each interested person. Eyes she is on fire, having a truly encyclopedic knowledge, she can talk for a very long time, simultaneously involving travelers in an interesting dialogue.The result is the feeling that she was transferred to a medieval city by a time machine, lived for several hours with its worries and joys.Thank you!I will definitely return more!"

Victoria Antonova (solo traveller), May 2016.

"Victoria. Your guide in Chartres" - now these are not words for us, this is music. The music of the voice and the rustle of leaves in the garden of the Cathedral, the music in names, the rustle of steps in the silence of the crypt, the music in the play of the imagination, waiting for the appearance of the monastic cassock from behind the column, the music of light in the wave of Vika’s hand, similar to the wings of a moth, fluttering over the petals of a flaming fire Gothic of the Great City..... Now Chartres is forever music in our souls...... And how much music is in the soul of the charming Vika, in her eyes, smile, in her love for Chartres and her work (which she does not seem to count)! Vika and Chartres is a holiday that is always with you ... It's terrible that sooner or later you have to say goodbye to Chartres and Victoria ..... But farewell is the beginning of the journey back to Chartres!"

Vasilyeva Irina (married couple, 2 people), June 2016.

"I really liked the tour conducted for our family at the end of July. Many thanks to Victoria - it was not a" lecture about Chartres ", it was a conversation about Chartres with the participation of all of us, including a child of 6 years old. Of all the excursions in which I participated daughter in France - I liked this one the most. It is very impressive when the guide loves his job so much. The time that we spent with Victoria did not noticeably "fly", and it was more than 4 hours. Victoria gave us more time than was supposed to arrangements, helped with organizational issues - showed the supermarket, helped with a taxi. I highly recommend visiting the city itself and the cathedral, and of course in the company of Victoria. If you want to see something special - welcome to Chartres."

Streltsova Tatyana (married couple with a child, 3 people), July 2016

"Victoria gave us one of the unforgettable excursions that we had to be on, and my wife and I visited many cities. So we were in France for the 5th time.


The tour was a year ago, a weekday, there were very few people in the city and in the cathedral. We had a limited budget, which included only a tour of the cathedral. Upon its completion, Victoria herself offered to continue the walk around this amazing city and did not take a penny from us.


It took us so long to write this review because we lost (and found today) a business card with an address.

Victoria, Thank you very much. Let there be no end to tourists from you.

Feliksov Dima and Oksana (married couple, 2 people), September 2015


"Acquaintance with the charming Chartres and its priceless Cathedral was a real gift for us, presented by Victoria. She is a magical guide, reverently and carefully sharing her deepest knowledge with us. During her excursions it is so interesting that you simply don’t notice the time, Victoria’s stories capture Her attitude to the preparation for the meeting deserves special words of gratitude! It is beyond praise! Victoria takes into account your common interests, physical abilities, and gastronomic preferences. transport nuances in France.

Victoria sparkles with kindness and benevolence, with a desire to make excursions unforgettable. She succeeded to the fullest! The trip to Chartres turned out to be filled with bright good emotions and strong impressions.

Victoria, thank you so much for the wonderful excursions and your attitude to your favorite business!"

Ch. Sergey (married couple, 2 people), October 2016

“Yesterday I had a wonderful day! Firstly, I have long dreamed of visiting the city of Chartres, and most importantly, visiting its soul, Chartres Cathedral, which is a solid enigma embodied in stone!

And my dream was realized by Victoria, the Queen of Chartres and the Cathedral of Chartres!

She invited us to her place and gave us an unforgettable private tour of her working abode, Chartres Cathedral!

Victoria lives with them, breathes with them. He passes every phrase about the cathedral through his heart!

We bathed in her intoxicated story, radiant smile and a lot of privileges. Her voice is like a spring murmur of a stream.

She took us with the help of her time machine either to the 10th century, where we were students of the Chartres school, then to the 12th, when we tried our best to help the inhabitants of Chartres put out the fire in the cathedral and save its main relic - the Intercession of the Virgin.

We experienced the fear and pain of the officer who saved the cathedral from its total destruction during World War II. .

I did not specifically study the information about the cathedral before this visit, although I was already thrown up to get on the Internet and read, so that, as they say, "not face in the dirt ..." But, it was very important for me to get first impressions from a person who is so love this shrine! I was not a guide, and not even a sightseer of the 21st century, but rather a man of the Middle Ages, to whom Victoria revealed the secrets of the stone and stained glass Bible."

Buchon Irina, February 2017


"This city is a real medieval treasure, a jewelry box, and Victoria is the keeper of her keys. You can't call her just a guide. A connoisseur, explorer and soul of Chartres. This girl with blue eyes with golden sparks will forever leave a piece of your soul in Chartres. Just imagine, the only Cathedral that survived 90% of the original cathedral, finally completed in the XIII century.This is the very first Cathedral in France dedicated to the Virgin.He made people fall in love with him so much that he was miraculously saved by them both in the revolution and in both wars. A crypt where there are traces of the 4th, 6th, 11th centuries!!! Among other things, one of the most important Christian relics, the Protection of the Virgin, is stored here, and only for you Vika can open a chapel that closes the Protection with a lattice. There is such an expression " To be like God's in the bosom. "Among these small old houses, with the measured murmur of the river, under the magical light streaming from the fabulous stained-glass windows, and the enchanting goal os Vicky, you really feel that way. Or, as Vika said, "under HER Coverage." Vika, by the way, in addition to all the advantages, is the only Russian-speaking guide and the owner of all the keys and secrets. Thanks Vika!!!"

Petrova Nadezhda, February 2017

"Экскурсовод по Шартру и Собору Виктория, это просто клад, который открылся нам, даже не знаю за какие заслуги ) У Виктории столько интересного материала и она с любовью подавала его нам: это и ночное шоу, и_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_экскурсия по Собору, и по затаенным уголкам Шартра. Она отвечала на любой вопрос с_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_easiness and was also ready and still answer because Victoria is very interested and_cc781905-5cde d5cf58d_a person who loves his job. Ей не безразличны вы, она с первых минут, а для меня ещё и_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ранее по переписке стала другом, которому я готова рассказать все свои тайны❤️Виктория помогла и размещении, поселила нас в_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_шикарных аппартаментах, договорилась о скидках с хозяйкой, у меня просто не хватает слов, чтобы выразить большую сердечную благодарность Виктории for everything she has done for us! she gave advice on what else to visit, leaving Paris, and it was wonderful!!! Victoria, we love you! and want to go back to you many more times!"

Schmunk Love, April 2017

"It was wonderful! A sincere city, kind, always ready to help people, a delightful Cathedral.

Мы прибыли в Шартр вечером — город поразил тишиной и спокойствием (после немного сумасшедшего Парижа). В этом городе хочется дышать, в нем хочется остаться… Да еще и световое шоу, которое смотришь сначала «с_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_открытым ртом», а потом, придя в себя, с улыбкой, ощущая себя ребенком. Of course, we saw not everything, but but there is a reason to return.

Я не буду рассказывать о качестве экскурсий Виктории — об этом уже много сказано . Скажу одно — это тот человек, от которого не только узнаешь «кучу интересностей», но и_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_с которым хочется просто поболтать «ни о чем», с которым не_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_I want to leave. A happy person can be seen immediately, and she charges with her happiness and positive people around her people. C she will always be interested, she constantly comes up with something new.

Bravo, Vika! Bravo, Chartres! Already miss...

PS And after all, there is jamon ... "

Timakova Elizaveta (family with a child, 3 people), May 2017

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