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News and announcements from Chartres

Exhibition of Contemporary French Stained Glass 2000-2015

From 04/12/2014 to 03/29/2016, Centre International du Vitrail


The exhibition presents works by famous stained glass artists of the 21st century. These artworks were created for both historical monuments and modern buildings. 

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 18.00

Saturday: 10.00 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 18.00

Sundays and holidays: 14.30 - 18.00

The exhibition is held at:  

5 rue du Cardinal Pie



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Cooking classes for adults and children
(in French)

Office de Tourisme de Chartres in collaboration with pastry chef  Pierre FOURNIER – L'Ilôt Délices


Once a month, cooking classes are organized in Chartres for adults gourmets and sweet tooth.

They always take place on Saturdays at 14:30 and last 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

The cost of the master class is 23 euros 90 santims.  

You can also arrange a private meeting with the chef. 

Reservations must be made in advance by calling  02 37 18 26 23 (24) or by e-mail, as the workshops are very popular.

The schedule and topics of the cooking workshops can be found here. 

There is also a school for young cooks . Once a month on Wednesdays, the cost is 17 euros / reb.

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"The Black Queen", Catherine de Medici

Office de Tourisme de Chartres,  Véronique DOMAGALSKI , lecturer guide : Saturday 12 December


A brilliant medievalist historian, one of the best Chartres guides, Véronique Domagalsky, presents a conference dedicated to the life of Catherine de Medici. 

"Even in childhood, everyone noted her sharp mind. A pugnacious girl - after a devoted wife. A favorite of Francis 1, whom he loved to take with him on a hunt. Balzac spoke of her political elegance ..."

Conference in French .

Saturday, December 12 at 14:30. The tariff is 8 euros 50 centimes.

You can sign up for it in advance  tel. 02 37 18 26 26 or


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