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  • I usually do not advise tourists to buy tickets to Chartres in advance. You won’t win the cost, but in case of rainy weather you won’t be able to reschedule the trip to another day. 

  • If you are embarrassed to speak, I can send you a sign in French , which you can print out and silently show to the cashier at the station when buying a ticket. Write me about it in a letter.

  • I recommend that you take a free brochure with train schedules at any of the station stands. Its cover says Paris-Chartres-Nogent le Rotrou - Le Mans.  To understand it, it is desirable to know the names of the days of the week in French. But if you do not know them, I will help you in choosing the return train on the spot.

  • Address  Gare Montparnasse Place Raoul-Dautry 75015 Paris . It is advisable to arrive in advance (30 minutes) in order to orient yourself and not be afraid of the line at the cashier.





1. We approach the cashier and say "Bonjour! Chartres ale-retur, sil vu ple!" ("Hello, Chartres round-trip, please!")


2. You will be given 2 tickets: Paris-Chartres and Chartres-Paris. They can be used on the same day at any time. 


3. IMPORTANT! Looking for composter . These are bright yellow boxes generously placed throughout the station. 

















We compost ONE ticket (the one to Chartres).

You will validate the second ticket at the station in Chartres before returning to Paris.


4. We look at the electronic scoreboards with the inscription

Trains going to Chartres can be to Chartres (Chartres) or to Le Mans (Le Mans). Don't let that put you off, there is always a long enough stop in Chartres to safely get off the train. We find the track number (VOIE) from which our train departs.


5. We are looking for the right way (VOIE) and get on the train in any car of the corresponding class to any place.  But even if you mistakenly sit in 1st class with a 2nd class ticket, it's okay! The controllers are already accustomed to foreigners and will politely offer you to go to another carriage. 


6. The car usually has a running line showing the names of the stations. Stops are also announced over the loudspeaker. 


7. Get off at Chartres and, if the train did not arrive at the first platform, go through the underpass to the central exit from the station.




















8. To walk from the Chartres railway station building to the historic city center, follow the signs Cathédrale and the spiers of the Cathedral. 




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